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We are the Nate Mack Elementary Robotics Team. We are proud to say 3 of our robotics teams, 17 students, have qualified to represent Nevada at the VexIQ World Competition in Kentucky which takes place in April. Nate Mack Elementary School is a Title 1 school focused on 21st Century learning and working to continually grow in the area of STEM. Our Robotics team is focused, hard-working, and driven, but it is beyond our wildest dreams that we have qualified 3 teams for such a large event. Being an at-risk school, many of our students have not traveled far from their neighborhoods, let alone out of state to meet competitors from all over the world. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them. Our collective goal is to raise $16,000 for this competition which will help pay for hotel accommodations, flights, meals, registration fees, and transportation. We greatly appreciate any donation you are willing to contribute. When our students see your contributions it will also be telling them that what they have accomplished within the area of STEM education this year is important. We appreciate your assistance and thank you in advance for your consideration in donating.
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  • Aunt Denise donated "Way to go Nora!! Can't wait to hear about the competition. "
  • elizabeth Hallare donated "Freddie Moffitt- Good Luck what a great accomplishment"
  • Grandma Pat and Grandpa John donated "Congratulations on making it to this level, Evie and the Nate Mack teams!" - via Elisabeth Hausrath
  • Miles Caporicci donated - via Gavin Christensen
  • Vorapas Thunyalukul donated "Go get them RYAN!!!" - via Lina Nguyễn
  • Alan & Anne Hausrath donated "Go Nate Mack robotics! We're looking forward to hearing about your trip and the competition." - via Elisabeth Hausrath
  • Marc Larsen donated "Way to go Nora!!!!"
  • Grandma & Grandpa Burrows donated "Congratulations to Cenario Burrows and the Nate Mack Robotics team!!! We are very proud for all your accomplishments!!!"
  • James Sundstrom donated "Alex, you and your team are impressive! Good luck in KY. Love Uncle Bill and Tina"
  • Carmela Factor donated "For my Great Niece Alexandria and her team. Way to go!!"
  • Noah Levrant donated "This is for my little brother, David Levrant. Good luck in Kentucky!" - via Elisabeth Hausrath
  • Ricardo Ruiz donated - via Casey Juliano
  • Huong Le donated "Your team is great! Be confident and do your best in the final competition! " - via Lina Nguyễn
  • Marge Sweeney donated "Good Luck at Worlds!!!"
  • Nicole Douglass donated "To: Cenario Burrows"
  • Bladimir Bernal donated "This is for Cenario!!! Kentucky here we come!!!"
  • David & Rox Wark donated "Great Job!"
  • Maria Blue donated "Alexandria Sundstrom - Team B"
  • Michael Overbo donated "Much luck."
  • Blind Wholesaler, LLC donated "For Alexandria Sundstrom & Team B! Way to go and have fun!!!!" - via Casey Juliano
  • anna sundstrom donated "go Nate Mack!! gramma anna" - via Casey Juliano
  • Valerie Field donated
  • Jennifer Garman donated
  • The McMurdos donated "For Alexandria Sundstrom. Have a great time! "
  • Debra Brown donated "This donation is to help Cenario Burrows"
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    $500 Robotics Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just earned a $500 STEM Power Grant™ by raising $500 on our own in 2019!

    Thanks to EdCo's corporate sponsors for helping our team! We'll be sure to put the money to good use!

  • Jessie Gi donated "Good luck to the teams!!!" - via Casey Juliano
  • Megan Litzen donated "So proud of my niece Lauryn and her robotics team! Looking forward to seeing what you all can do at Nationals! Aunt Meg" - via Kerri Galvin
  • Valisha Mueller donated "Good luck, Nate Mack Robotics!" - via Kerri Galvin
  • Henry & Lina Nguyen donated "Congratulations to the Nate Mack Robotics team! We are so excited for all your accomplishments!" - via Lina Nguyễn

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